Strategic Tax Planning

Tax planning is vital to maximizing and retaining your wealth.  After decades of hard-work and growing assets, it doesn’t make sense to give your gains away to
Uncle Sam unnecessarily.  

Annual Tax Planning

Ongoing, annual planning meetings focused on charitable gifting strategies, QCDs, maximizing deductions, retirement plan contributions and more.

Long-Term Planning

With a focus on overall tax efficiency, FBG optimizes client’s distribution strategy, Roth conversions, tax-smart savings priority, gifting and succession planning.

Tax-Efficient Investing

FBG’s trading platform seeks to reduce tax liability through loss harvesting, deploying monthly rebalancing.

Taxes should be an integral part of your overall financial planning discussion, not just a dreaded annual return. Our access to tax specialists and CPA partners allows us to stay up to date with evolving tax laws and optimize all areas of your tax return. Whether it is retirement plan contributions, Roth conversions, tax loss harvesting, charitable planning or gifting; the focus is not on what you earn, but what amount of your wealth is ultimately retained.

Proper tax planning should not be short-sighted with only today’s deductions in mind. A strategic approach should optimize both your present and future tax liabilities. 

Through an adaptive, customized tax and financial plan, we actively work with clients to minimize taxes in order to maximize their overall wealth legacy.

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