Estate Planning

What is your wealth legacy?

Estate Planning is one of the most critical, yet most overlooked areas of personal finance. With the right expertise, a well-designed Estate Plan can serve to safeguard your wealth and seamlessly transfer your assets to loved ones.

FBG maintains an exclusive arrangement with a leading Estate Planner, allowing our team to work hand-in-hand with you to integrate legacy planning into your comprehensive financial plan.

Our estate planning services can guide clients through the following questions:

  • Do you want the courts to decide who will receive your assets or care for your children?

  • You’ve spent decades accumulating hard earned wealth. Once you’ve passed, do you want to decide who will receive the assets and control how they should be distributed?

  • Are you interested in minimizing the amount of your Estate that is subject to taxation or probate?

  • Do you want your personal data to be private or available to the courts and public?

  • Do you need certain documents in place in the event of incapacitation?

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