Retirement Planning

Whether you are approaching retirement or just beginning to accumulate wealth, retirement planning is a critical component of financial success. Comprehensive retirement planning should focus on a number of areas including financial planning, budgeting and saving, tax strategy, and estate planning.

We work closely with clients, utilizing an interactive financial planning process to tailor a plan based on their exact needs and goals. By leveraging industry-leading software, our planning team has the ability to answer the all-important question:

Am I on track to have a successful retirement?  

Our retirement planning process guides clients through the following questions:

  • How much do I need to save for retirement?
  • What account should I prioritize saving to while working?
  • Where will my paycheck come from in retirement?
  • How should my investment strategy adjust when transitioning to retirement?
  • How much can I spend/safely draw throughout retirement?
  • Can I still retire if there is a significant market drop or recession?
  • What happens if there is stubbornly high inflation?
  • Can my retirement survive increased medical costs or long-term care?
  • Which accounts should I take distributions from to be tax-efficient?

  • When should I start Social Security or Medicare?

Planning for the unexpected

Intelligent planning should consider unanticipated events. We construct plans to ensure clients succeed when markets are strong, but are also able to weather the storm in times of volatility. Our planning process provides ‘best-case‘ projections along with ‘stress tested’ scenarios in order to give clients peace of mind regardless of unexpected events that could occur during their lifetime.

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