Investment Management

Invest with a purpose

Whether working, retired, or somewhere in between; we partner with clients to build an investment plan and portfolio tailored to their unique needs.  We believe a planning-driven investment strategy leads to the highest probability of accomplishing specific financial goals.

We understand that no two clients are the same.  Your investments should be a direct reflection of your personal situation.  We do not believe in market timing or default portfolios tied to generic metrics.  Instead, we utilize a tailored investment plan to your specific timelines, goals, risk tolerances, and values.


Custom Portfolios

A personalized approach, in which client portfolios are constructed to reflect their own unique goals. Through our financial planning process, we help clients identify how much growth they may require and allocate within a portfolio that reflects their needs. Clients have access to ESG-driven strategies, customized bond ladders, along with access to Institutional Portfolio Management across all major asset classes.

Tactical Adjustments


Even the most strategically designed portfolios require monitoring and adjustments. As geopolitical and global economy headlines evolve, client portfolios are designed to be nimble in order to adjust to the current economic environment. FBG’s investment and portfolio team initiates tactical allocation changes 4-6 times per year.

Strategic Adjustments

A disciplined approach to portfolio construction, beginning with a long-term strategy. Portfolios are designed to adapt to the changing macro conditions of the marketplace while keeping the ultimate destination in mind. FBG’s portfolio team works to select the appropriate investment vehicles, keeping an eye on fees and rebalances portfolios on a monthly basis.

Strategic Adjustments

Tax-Loss Harvesting

  • FBG’s trading platform seeks to reduce tax liability through loss harvesting  
  • Portfolios rebalanced monthly, seeking continual tax efficiency
  • Transition legacy positions into a portfolio with precision

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