About Us

Innovation begins when you rip up the playbook

At FBG, we believe in challenging the status quo. Our practice is centered around the principle that client needs always come first. While the retirement plan industry has evolved over the past decade, there are several areas of our process that separate us from the typical advisory approach.

Investment Menu: Target Date Funds are no longer the answer 

We have reason to believe that only a small portion of financial advisors use Target Date Funds for individual clients and even fewer use these funds in their personal investment portfolio. If that is the case, why would such a significant number of 401(k) Plans use Target Date funds as their default investment? While Target Date funds were groundbreaking products when originally introduced, we believe there is a more personalized investment approach to helping employees succeed. 

How Advisors are Compensated 

Many advisors implement variable consulting fees, which means their compensation rises with each payroll cycle. Should advisor compensation increase simply because additional employee funds were contributed to the plan? We don’t think so. We believe consulting compensation should correspond solely with the value we add. FBG offers clients the ability to bill on a flat-dollar basis. 

Planning Early for a Larger Nest Egg

Most employees are unable to get truly personalized advice until they roll assets into an IRA at retirement. Why should clients be forced to wait until the end of their career in order to begin financial planning? Without a true plan, retirement is simply a hope or a dream. We believe that employees deserve more and for that reason, they should have access to comprehensive financial planning throughout their career.